Crypto Recovery Services

If you’ve lost your password or seed phrase to your Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency wallet, we can help you recover it.

Our wallet recovery service have been operating since 2014 and running specialized hardware and software that can decrypt your wallet and recover your funds.

Our recovery fee is 15% of the coins inside the wallet, only if we are successful. None otherwise.

How Does It Work?

Data Collection

We gather all required information for the successful recovery of your locked wallet.

Your wallet type, best guesses of your password or a partial seed phrase are required to begin the recovery process.

Case Evaluation

We evaluate the difficulty of your case to determine the amount of hardware that will be allocated to resolving your case.

Additionally, we require all users to fill in KYC forms to align with regulatory requirements and to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the wallet.

Preparation Phase

Using all provided information, we create a huge password dictionary of 100s of billions of different passwords that are potentially relevant for your locked wallet.

We use machine learning models, expanding the dictionary to find other relevant password patterns other than those that you provided us with.

Recovery Begins

We use specialized hardware and software to run through the password dictionary, trying millions and sometimes even billions of passwords each and every second.

This process can take between 2 days and 2 weeks, depending on many factors such as the encryption strength of your wallet software, the quality of information you've provided us and the value of the coins inside the locked wallet.

Wallet Recovered

After finding the correct password that will decrypt your wallet, we collect our service fees and transfer the remainder to a new wallet that you will be required to create.

Transferring the coins to a new wallet is done to make sure that at any given time access to a funded wallet is available for a single party.

Customer Reviews

Matthew J
United KingdomMar 3, 2023

5 Years ago I've lost my phone, finally found the PDF backup of my Mycelium wallet in one of my old email accounts but the recovery didn't work properly for some reason. I would like to personally thank you for being a trustworthy company and for helping me out with this isue!

PolandFeb 27, 2023

Blockchain support was unresponsive with restoring my wallet! Almost lost hope! Thank you very much guys. I recommend this service.
Pete M
United StatesFeb 13, 2023

I was very close to finding my password but could not get just the right ending of it, Brute Brothers found it in a couple of hours.

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