About us

We are well known Israeli Bitcoin activists since 2013, developing open source projects and helping community members restore their funds for many years now. We would never jeopardize the trust we built for years within our community.

For some wallet types and with technical guidance we can sometimes extract just enough data to decrypt your password but not enough data to access your private keys. In other cases, we will require you to send us all relevant information including the information that will eventually, if successfully restored, will lead us to the private keys.

The Team

Itay Weinberger
Itay Weinberger
Or Weinberger
Or Weinberger
Michal Weinberger
Michal Weinberger

Please include the following information

  • Wallet type
  • Type of coins inside the wallet
  • Amount of coins inside the wallet
We respond to all submissions within 48 hours.
Please make sure to check your spam/promotions folder.

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Make sure to check your spam/promotions folder