I lost my entire seed phrase can you help?

Recovering an entire seed phrase is impossible as there are too many combinations to go through. However, if you've lost a part of your seed, recovering it might be possible.

I no recollection of my password, can you still help?

If you have absolutely no clue what your password could be, for example, if you've generated it using a random password generator, we will not be able to help. We need even a tiny piece of information about the password you chose for your wallet. In most cases users have either a commonly used password(s) or some sort of patterns they normally use.

Which wallets can you recover?

We can try and recover from most software and hardware wallets. A full list is available in our Wallet Recovery page

Can I trust you with my wallet?

We are a registered company in Israel, represented by top law and accounting firms who have recovered hundreds of wallets throughout the years. Our identities are well known and we will never jeopardize our reputation that we've worked so hard to build. More information regarding trust is availale in our Reviews and our About pages.

What are the fees?

We usually charge 15% of the recovered coins (including forked coins if such are available), but ONLY when we successfully decrypt your wallet. You can pay using the coins from the recovered wallet or via other payment methods available.

How long does it take?

The recovery process can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the accuracy of the information you provide us with regarding the password or seed phrase. In some cases, especially in high value wallets we will allocate more resources and time to recover the wallet.

I bought a locked wallet.dat file, can you help me recover it ?

No. We do not deal with any purchased wallets and we can only attempt to help the original owner of the wallet.
David Sack

On my wedding night, my friends decided to give my wife and I some bit coin to help us start are married life. It just so happens that we were all drunk at the time. My friends told me to wright the cod's on a peace of paper. Six years later we decided that it was time to cash are wedding gift only to find that we had written down only one third of the code. We where helpless!!! We contacted the brute brother's and a few days later that solved the problem. Great service. Honest people!

Feb 13, 2022
Ilya Brusnak

Not sure what was wrong with my phantom chrome extension, but it refused to load and could not access it. BB were able to recover it for me, highly appreciated!

Feb 1, 2022
Patrick Beck

I only had a vague recollection of the password I thought I used and my WALLET ID that I was able to find within my inbox. I lost access to this wallet years ago and using this wonderful service I was able to get into my wallet once again. THANK YOU

Jan 24, 2022
Alex Belman

I definitely recommend Brute brothers. I received excellent service and immediate support and thus the coins I lost returned to me. Thank you very much for the assistance

Dec 20, 2021
Daniel Bryant
United States

The Brute Brothers are great! I had a BTC and an Eth wallet that I could not recover. I had the seed but I must have had a word or 2 wrong because nothing would work. They accessed both wallets and sent the funds to my new wallet. A business like this relies on trust. They did a great job and sent me my funds for both wallets

Dec 12, 2021

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