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If you've lost access to your Mist Wallet, whether you've lost your password or you simply do not remember ever setting a password for your wallet, but required to input one when trying to move coins outside of your wallet, we can help you recover your wallet.

All we need to begin the recovery process is your encrypted backup file (file name starts with UTC-....) and a list of your best guesses for the password.

Fill in the form to start the recovery process, once we get some initial details from you we will contact you back for more information ➔

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How to recover your Mist Wallet

Mist wallet was the official Ethereum wallet, offering a UI interface for the command line tool Geth. Before more modern Ethereum wallets emerged to the market, Mist was the most popular wallet software that allowed users to make use of their ETH coins.

Mist developers ceased development in early 2019 and the open source wallet repository is now deprecated and many users are left without the ability to recover their coins from wallets generated by the Mist software.

Need help recovering your Mist wallet password?

We have special software and hardware to help recover your lost Mist password in case you forgot it or if you're unable to move coins from your Mist wallet for any other reason such as network connectivity.

Never set up a password?

If you've generated a Mist wallet and you are now required to input a password that you never remember setting, you may be affected by a bug that existed in the Mist wallet software for a few months that allowed users to generate wallets that they thought were passwordless, but in fact behind the scenes, technically an unknown password was set.

We can sometimes help recover wallets that were affected by this bug and restore access to your coins.


Don't ever remember setting a password for this specific Mist wallet as I have quite a few, but the software kept asking me for my password when I wanted to send my coins out. I only paid 15% which I think is very fair (plus there wasn't a huge amount of money inside)

Dec 8, 2022
Amir Lipskin

Mist wallet stopped working, when I wanted to send my ETH to another one of my addresses I found out that I am missing my password (I never set one), Itay and Or helped me find the correct password and transfer my coins.

May 25, 2021
Matt Peterson
United States

Or and the team are wonderful, they helped me find my lost Mist password that I've lost a long long time ago. I was sure I wrote it down correctly but somehow it got corrupted when I pasted into the password field. Great people, quick turnaround.

May 2, 2021

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