Partial Seed Phrase

If you've lost a part of your seed phrase (also known as mnemonic or backup words), whether you've lost some of your words or forgot the correct ordering, we can help you recover the correct seed phrase and restore access to your funds.

All we need to begin the recovery process is your seed phrase as you've written it down. We can help recover up to 4 completely missing words or even more in case we can identify some of the letters.

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How to recover your seed phrase

When generating a new wallet, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, the wallet software will generate a list of 12 to 24 words (usually in English) called the seed phrase or mnemonic.

These words, when used in the correct exact order as they were displayed originally, are a universal backup for your wallet. Even if the device you've used to store your coins on is no longer available, damaged or destroyed, you will still be able to restore access to your coins by using the seed phrase.

Need help recovering your partial seed phrase?

A 12 word seed phrase represents more options than the number of atoms in our galaxy, making it impossible to recover your seed phrase when its completely lost. But, if you have a part of your seed phrase whether its because you've written it down on a piece of paper that was later damaged or if you've scrambled the words in the wrong order, we can help you recover it and restore access to your funds.

Max Borba

Great service, would highly recommend!

Apr 27, 2022
Ruth Barzini

My story - I had 21 of my backup seed words but I somehow missed the rest of the words and once my Ledger stopped working I couldn't recover it as it didn't accept my 21 words - Brute brothers were kind enough to help me and resolve this issue

Apr 13, 2022
David Sack

On my wedding night, my friends decided to give my wife and I some bit coin to help us start are married life. It just so happens that we were all drunk at the time. My friends told me to wright the cod's on a peace of paper. Six years later we decided that it was time to cash are wedding gift only to find that we had written down only one third of the code. We where helpless!!! We contacted the brute brother's and a few days later that solved the problem. Great service. Honest people!

Feb 13, 2022

Great service! I was not able to decode 4 words from my seed and sent over my messy writing to brute brothers. They were able to recover my lost keys in a matter of days. Very professional and highly recommended!

Nov 19, 2021
Emmanuel Vidal

I was really worried since I lost a part of my bitcoin seed phrase, and it had been a couple of weeks without any luck. I tried brute forcing it myself but it took too long and I realized that this is not the solution. Itay and the team were able to recover my bitcoin seed phrase in under 24 hours!

Sep 20, 2021

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