Toast Wallet

If you've lost access to your Toast Wallet, whether you've lost your password or you simply cannot access the application since it was removed from the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store, we can help you recover your funds.

All we need to begin the recovery process is your encrypted backup and your recovery phrase or a list of your best guesses for the password.

Fill in the form to start the recovery process, once we get some initial details from you we will contact you back for more information ➔

Toast wallet recovery
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How to recover your Toast Wallet

Toast Wallet was an open source Ripple (XRP) wallet with an Android, iOS, Windows and Mac versions. The software was available between 2017 to 2020 and was used as the most popular XRP mobile wallet with over 100,000 users.

In 2020 Toast Wallet ceased operations and was removed from the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store leaving users and their funds stranded without the option to recover their coins.

Need help recovering your coins from your Toast Wallet?

We have special software and hardware to help recover your lost Toast password in case you forgot it, or help you with moving funds away from the wallet in case you are unable to use the application. We've helped many recover their Toast wallets and we can help you too.

Recovering your Toast Wallet manually

When generating a new wallet in Toast, you are required to store an encrypted version of your wallet in a safe location of your choosing to be later used for recovery if such is needed. The backup is a long JSON code which looks similar to the following example

Toast wallet encrypted backup sample

The encrypted backup is required for the recovery of your wallet. If you do not have a copy of your encrypted wallet backup you will not be able to recover your wallet and your funds are lost forever.

Along with your encrypted backup, users were required to generate a safe password for their wallet and in turn received a backup phrase of 6 English strings which are used as a recovery means for the chosen password. The backup phrase looks similar to the image below

Toast wallet recovery phrase

If you remember your chosen password, you are not required to have the above recovery phrase.

If you have your encrypted backup code (first image) and either your password or your password recovery phrase, then you can go ahead and recover your wallet by following the instructions in the Toast Recovery page

If you have your encrypted backup code (first image) but do not remember the password you've chosen and do not have your password recovery phrase, we can help you recover your locked wallet, please contact us for more information.

Mike P
United States

Toast app was removed from my phone somehow but I had some backup code that along with some words that I have kept, these guys were able to find my coins. Highly recommended!

Feb 7, 2023
Tal K

Found an old XRP wallet backup and I was not sure it even had XRP inside... It took BB about 1 week to find the right password... Great job!

Jan 27, 2023
United States

Switched phone, but you can no longer install Toast as they removed their app from the store. Only had a backup code and a vague memory of my password, long story short - a few hours later these wizards got me my coins back

July 2, 2022
Hal W
United States

My encrypted backup password stopped working for some reason, I could not get into my wallet as it was removed from my mobile phone. Very happy with the service I got.

Apr 4, 2022
Russ Shackleford
United States

I seriously can't recommend them enough! beyond trustworthy

Sep 15, 2021

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