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If you've lost access to your cryptocurrency wallet, whether it's because you forgot your password or wallet information, we can try and help you recover your wallet and restore access to your funds.

There are hundreds of different crypto wallets out there and we can recover access to most of them given enough details. When we encounter a wallet that we do not support, we may take a couple of days to inspect the wallet code and develop our recovery strategy.

Fill in the form to start the recovery process, once we get some initial details from you we will contact you back for more information ➔

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How to recover your crypto wallet

Depending on the wallet software you chose to use, we will require you to provide us with either an encrypted wallet file, access to your mobile device or a wallet id. Recovering wallets isn't possible for any random wallets, it requires specific information from the user who generated the wallet and given enough information we can attempt to recover your wallet.

Each wallet software works differently and the recovery duration varies depending on the wallet type. We will not be able to recover wallets without some information regarding the chosen password - Things like length, characters used, common patterns you use for passwords are required to begin the recovery process.

Which wallets can you try and recover?

Here's a partial list of wallets we can try and recover, if you've used a wallet software that's not listed below, please contact us as we always add new wallets to this list.

Daniel P

I was locked out of my Metamask wallet and thought all my ETH was gone. Brute Brothers came through and recovered everything. Amazing service!

Jun 2, 2024
Maria R

Brute Brothers did a fantastic job recovering my BTC from the Blockchain.com wallet. They were professional and quick. Highly recommend them.

Jun 1, 2024
Lars V

Lost a part of my recovery phrase for my Electrum wallet. Luckily they were able to recover my Bitcoin

May 26, 2024
Samantha T

I had issues with my DogeChain wallet. Brute Brothers recovered my DOGE quickly and efficiently. Great job!

May 20, 2024
Chen W

Great service, much appreciated!

May 19, 2024

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  • Type of coins inside the wallet
  • Amount of coins inside the wallet
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