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If you've lost access to your Electrum wallet, whether from forgetting your password or misplacing part of your seed phrase - We're here to assist in recovering your funds.

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Electrum Wallet Recovery
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How to recover your Electrum Wallet

Electrum, established in 2011, is one of the earliest Bitcoin wallets. It's a lightweight client which means you don't need to download the entire blockchain to use it. With its speed, convenience, and security, Electrum is a top choice for many.

Need help recovering your password or seed?

Our team at Brute Brothers is equipped with the tools and expertise to assist you in regaining access to your locked Electrum wallet. We've aided numerous clients in retrieving their lost seed phrases and forgotten passwords.

Electrum's security model

Electrum provides its users the option to encrypt their wallet, ensuring that private keys, which are essential for spending coins, are securely stored. The password you set up is vital for decrypting and accessing the wallet. A significant feature of Electrum is the 12-word seed phrase which can be used to restore a wallet. Thus, safeguarding both the password and seed is crucial.

Recovering your Electrum password or seed

Misplacing your password or seed can be concerning, but with Electrum, there's a ray of hope. While the seed can restore your wallet, the password is essential for decrypting it. Since Electrum is self-custodial, no external entity can reset your password or recover your seed for you. Specialized tools and approaches, like ours, are your best shot.

Manual recovery

For password recovery, list down all potential passwords you might have used. For instance, if "ElectrumPass123" is common for you, variations like "ElectrumPass124" or "ElectrumPass112" should be considered. Using Electrum, attempt each password. A failure will prompt you to try the next one.

Seed Recovery

If you remember parts of your seed, list down the words you recall. Electrum seeds follow the BIP39 word list, which might aid in jogging your memory for missing words. With our tools, even partial seed recovery is possible.

Advanced recovery methods

While manual methods can be effective, leveraging specialized tools can expedite and enhance the recovery process, especially when dealing with numerous potential passwords or partial seeds.

Liam V
South Africa

Was on the verge of losing a significant amount of BTC from my Electrum wallet. Brute Brothers stepped in just in time and recovered it for me. Immensely grateful.

Sep 12, 2023
United States

Had a very strange issue with my Electrum 2FA failed to connect to 3rd party servers, very greatful for the skill and communication from you folks, god bless

Sep 9, 2022

Brute Brothers recovered my long locked wallet since 2013. Great skills and great communications. Highly recommended.

June 25, 2022
Brett S
United States

It has taken a few days for all this to set in for me. Obviously this was a large sum of money and something I had been working to build and justify since 2013. To lose control of it in the manner that I did was a massive blow to my confidence, and exposed a big and dangerous lack of knowledge to the power of encryption - and ultimately the finality of what is true control of your own money. To say that this has been a humbling learning experience for me is an understatement. I don't remember exactly how I found you guys. I am pretty sure it was via a general Google search. What I do know is if I hadn't found someone with the level of expertise, patience, and professionalism that you displayed, I certainly never would have regained control of these funds. This represents a life changing amount of money for me, and please know that work your team did on this case will help to feed my family tonight and put a new roof over our head one day. I thank god I found Brute and reached out, and that your team continued to follow up and help to guide me into a solution. I can't tell you how many times I almost gave up because I didn't think there would be a positive outcome but kept pushing because I had a good feeling about your approach.

Dec 6, 2021

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