If you've lost access to your Mycelium Wallet, whether you've lost your password or having trouble recovering using your backup PDF, we can help you recover your funds.

All we need to begin the recovery process is your encrypted backup and your recovery phrase or a list of your best guesses for the password.

Fill in the form to start the recovery process, once we get some initial details from you we will contact you back for more information ➔

Mycelium wallet recovery
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How to recover your Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium Bitcoin wallet is one of the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin wallets out there, launched at 2012 and was among the first mobile wallets out there.

Throughout the years, Mycelium has had several types of backups. Whether it's a PDF that you were given to print out and write down 15 letters in capitals, or a seed phrase that you were given to safe keep.

Need help recovering your coins from your Mycelium Wallet?

We have special software and hardware to help recover your lost Mycelium password in case you forgot it, or help you with moving funds away from the wallet in case you are unable to use the application. We've helped many recover their Mycelium wallets and we can help you too.

Recovering your Mycelium Wallet manually

If you have your seed phrase that you were given when creating the wallet, simply reinstall the Mycelium application and choose to restore an existing wallet typing in your 12, 15, 18 or 24 word seed phrase. If you've used an older version of Mycelium, you may have received a PDF file to print out and write down 15 capital letters on it. To recover your wallet, simply use the Mycelium app to scan the encrypted QR code that is shown in your PDF file and enter the 15 letters that you've originally written down and you will be able to access your coins.

If you're experiencing any issues with loading your seed phrase or your encrypted QR via the PDF, contact us and we will try to assist you with this issue. If you've completely lost your seed phrase, or in case of a PDF backup, do not have any of the letters you were given to write down - unfortunately we will not be able to assist you.

Matthew J
United Kingdom

5 Years ago I've lost my phone, finally found the PDF backup of my Mycelium wallet in one of my old email accounts but the recovery didn't work properly for some reason. I would like to personally thank you for being a trustworthy company and for helping me out with this isue!

Mar 3, 2023

After not opening my bitcoin wallet for almost 5 years i found that the password i thought was correct was actually not working. I was referred to Brute Brothers by a family member who had heard about them and went for it and I am grateful for this service.

Nov 25, 2022
Matan G

Could not recover my old Mycelium backup due to some missing letters, easy work for the brothers

Oct 25, 2022
Marina Sidorov

My Mycelium wallet was on my old phone and i did have the backup paper, however I was not able to identify several of the letters. Michal & Or helped me restore 4 missing letters that I could not read properly.

May 10, 2022
Manuel Müller

The Brute Brothers team was able to recover my old Mycelium wallet that had over 4 BTC in it. I had searched everywhere for it and gave up hope, but these guys proved their worth. They are one of the best in the business and I can't thank them enough!

Oct 1, 2021

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